These beautiful orbs will add a sense of wonder to your space.

Here we have two beautiful designs for you to be inspired by. These beautiful orbs also know as aquaspheres these two are from the biOrb company and are some very stunning aquariums to have in your office or home.

Ok, so lets take a look at the cons. Some of the main complaints by aquarium hobbyist about these styles of aquariums are that the filtration system is very strong and can sucks down some of the smaller fish, so you may want to put some additional “larger” rocks over the filtration system which is located at the bottom to avoid this from happening. Also you may want change the “lava rocks” (ceramic media) which comes with aquarium and can damage your fish’s fins (Bettas) for something less “sharp-edged”. I think, like in all tanks, you should have a good idea of how to set up a tank to best conserve your fish. Take a look at this link for detailed information about general aquarium car.

Herer are some guidelines if you wish add this beautiful Aquasphere to your house.

I recommend buying the air stream cap regardless! Only $2, and it’ll ensure no one gets stuck in that tube!

Set it up according to the instructions. Keep in mind that if the air pump is located next to the surface of the tank, it will vibrate loudly. Put the BiOrb on a cabinet or stand with a drawer/shelf inside that you can put the air pump in (with a hole at the back for the tube to pass through).

Most tropical fish need a heater (yes the tank lid has space for its cord), so I would buy one. If you don’t want to buy any decor not sold by BiOrb (like live plants & wood), you’ll need to start slowly with your fish. I would add some bottom feeders (shrimp, snails, ottos) on the 1st day. Wait another 2-3 days, and then add the rest of the fish. Please note that BiOrb does not recommend corys with their pebbles. Make sure you avoid microbreeds and digging breeds (again because of the pebbles) and don’t overload your aquarium. The general rule is 1 inch of fish = 1 gallon of water. As this is an 8-gallon tank, there should be no more than 8 fish. But, as always, talking to your fish store expert will help. If everyone’s happy in 8 months, you can be more flexible about this.

It is not recommended to use the fake pebbles that come with the tank if your fish are smaller than 2″. These pebbles are large & oddly shaped (& this is why small fish get stuck in the filter). Use standard, large aquarium gravel, or river rocks. The goal is to cover the filter enough that no one will get caught inside, but there will still be flow. Sand is a no-no as it will get stuck in the filter. If you use substrate, you’ll want to use it in combination with something else, & position it away from the filter.

Hope this calms some nerves! This really is a beautiful aquarium. My fish will love it!!

So by now I really hope you decide to add one of these majestic aquariums in your space. You can find the The biOrb Halo which you can find in gray and white in 4 gallon and the white in 8 gallon. The biOrbSeries-7 (classic) aquarium in Amazon following these links 4 gallon, 8 gallon and 16 gallon .

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